Who we are?

Spectra baby Pakistan

Spectra Baby Pakistan is the authorized distributor of Spectra breast pumps and its accessories. We take pride in helping other mothers figure out what is best for them in their own unique breastfeeding journey. We will always be here to help you figure out what breast pump in Pakistan to buy or help you troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues you have. Customer service is our priority. Our CEO, Sehrish Khan, herself has been a dedicated user of Spectra and knows all the details surrounding Spectra products.

Our Story

Sehrish saw that there was a severe shortage of good quality hospital-grade electric breast pumps and accessories in Pakistan.

Sehrish exclusively pumped for her baby, as her baby could not nurse effectively. Therefore, she searched for the best breast pump available in the market in order to pump and build her milk supply, and that is when she discovered Spectra. Made in Korea, she fell in love with the product. Not only was the pump stylish, discreet, and portable, but most importantly, it helped her drastically increase her milk supply. Using Spectra breast pumps made her a happy mama because it made her breastfeeding journey very smooth. Unfortunately, when she searched for the brand in Pakistan, it was not available anywhere.

Sehrish also saw mothers in Pakistan not having the right kind of support with breastfeeding, and unfortunately ending their breastfeeding journey way too quickly than they would have personally liked to. She saw many mothers who wanted to breastfeed their baby but were unable to directly nurse due to circumstances such as an incorrect latch, tongue/lip ties, returning back to work, mother/baby getting sick, baby in NICU, traveling, going outside, and stepping away from baby, and so on. She saw many mothers expressing their frustration and desperation of not finding great breast pumps in Pakistan to help support their breastfeeding journey.

She saw many mothers on the lookout for good quality hospital grade electric breast pumps in Pakistan to help relactate or increase their milk supply, but could not find one. She decided it was high time that Spectra be made available to mothers in Pakistan. When you own a Spectra breast pump, you know that you have the latest in electric breast pump technology. So mamas don’t worry, we are here for you. We are here to make your breastfeeding journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We want happy mamas. Because a happy mama means a happy baby!

Why Spectra?

At Spectra Baby Pakistan, we make sure to provide comfort and confidence to breastfeeding mothers by offering high-quality and innovative breast pumps and other accessories for nursing mothers. Spectra’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness makes it an excellent choice for any mother looking for a reliable and comfortable pumping experience!

Here are 6 reasons why you should start your breastfeeding journey with Spectra Baby Pakistan:

  1. Comfortable and efficient pumping: Spectra Baby breast pumps are designed to provide comfortable and efficient pumping sessions. The brand's unique natural nursing technology, such as its massage mode and adjustable suction levels, mimics the natural nursing rhythm, allowing for a more productive and comfortable pumping experience.
  2. Award winning breast pumps: Spectra’s breast pumps have consistently won awards, year after year! Some of our notable accolades include:
    1. Best of Baby Awards 2018 
    2. Mom Trends Must Haves 2016
    3. Readers Favorite Award 2018 - Baby & Children
    4. The Cribsie Awards 2019 - Best Breast Pump
    5. BabyList 2020 - Best Overall Breast Pump - Spectra S1
    6. Mom Loves Best 2020 - Best Electric Pumps - Spectra S1 & S2
    7. What to Expect - Most Efficient Breast Pump - Spectra S1
    8. LittleOne 2020 - Best Overall Breast Pump - Spectra S1
    9. Healthline Parenthood Picks - Best All-round Breast Pump - Spectra S1
    10. the BUMP - Best Hospital-Grade Breast Pump
    11. The New York Times - Best Double Electric Breast Pump
    12. Baby Know How - Top Pick for Breast Pumps - Spectra S2
    13. Parents Choice Awards 2022 - Best Electric Breast Pump - Spectra Dual Compact
  3. Hygienic and safe: Spectra Baby's breast pumps are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring the highest levels of safety and hygiene for both mother and baby. Additionally, Spectra holds a patent for their backflow protector technology that is a unique feature which helps prevent breast milk from flowing back into the motor of the pump, thus promoting hygiene usage and reducing the risk of contamination. This technology is an essential component of Spectra breast pumps, and is one of the reasons why they are popular among breastfeeding mothers. The brand's closed system design also prevents milk from entering the motor, reducing the risk of contamination.
  4. Widest selection of breast pumps for both hospital and personal use, and for every budget: Spectra Baby offers a range of breast pumps, including portable and rechargeable options, making it easy for nursing mothers to pump on-the-go. The pumps are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. Our huge selection also ensures we have different types of breast pumps for mothers who have different financial budgets.
  5. User-friendly: Spectra Baby breast pumps are easy to assemble, use and clean, making them ideal for busy mothers who need a hassle-free pumping experience.
  6. Excellent customer service: Spectra Baby prides itself on providing excellent customer service, with a team of knowledgeable and friendly experts who are always ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

Want To Collaborate?

Welcome to Spectra Baby Pakistan, where we believe in the power of collaboration to bring the best possible products and services to mothers and babies. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our passion for supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies!

Whether you are a lactation consultant, a doctor, a parenting blogger, or a breastfeeding advocate, we would love to hear from you. Our goal is to build customer trust in our brand. By working together, we aim to create innovative solutions that address the unique needs of Pakistani mothers and help them to breastfeed their babies successfully.

If you are interested in collaborating with Spectra Baby Pakistan, please reach out to us via Instagram [spectrababypk], Facebook [Spectra Baby Pakistan], or email us at customerservice@spectrababypk.com. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to support mothers and babies in Pakistan!