Benefits of Pumping Exclusively With An Award-Winning Breast Pump

Benefits of Pumping Exclusively With An Award-Winning Breast Pump

Are you a new mom having difficulties in nursing your infant? Or are you too occupied with work that you can’t breastfeed the baby every time he is hungry? It is difficult for working moms and mom with older kids to nurse their kids directly from time to time. They are very busy all the time. So moms go for exclusive pumping as an alternate to nurse their babies directly.

What is Exclusive Pumping?

For all the new moms who don’t know, Exclusive Pumping is breastfeeding using a breast pump and bottle. The term “exclusive pumping” means that the baby is not nursed but is fed breast milk. Exclusively pumping moms pump breast milk around the clock to feed to their babies using a bottle.

Reasons to Choose Exclusive Pumping

There are multiple possible reasons for mothers to go pump milk and feed it to the infants through a bottle. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Having a baby that refuses to nurse
  • Difficulty with weight gain/baby doesn’t transfer milk well while nursing
  • Physical reasons
  • The baby was in the NICU after birth and then had difficulty establishing nursing
  • Baby has gotten teeth, and biting has become an issue
  • Desire to provide the baby with breast milk but not comfortable to nurse due to personal reasons.

Ample Benefits of Pumping Exclusively

While pumping milk and feeding kids is not much popular among places like Pakistan, exclusive pumping is quite beneficial for moms and kids. See how much ease you would be in because of pumping exclusively.

  • Exclusive breast pumping can give you the freedom of being away from your baby for a period of time. It can also make it easier for other caregivers to feed your baby since feeding the baby doesn’t have to fall solely on you.
  • Exclusive breast pumping can also be an option if you’re unable to breastfeed but want breast milk to be a part of your parenting plan.
  • You always know how much your baby is eating. Meanwhile, when you’re nursing, you have to guess unless you weigh your baby before and after feedings.
  • You know how much milk you are producing and can see trends over time. This way you can take action more quickly if your supply starts to drop.
  • You don’t have to worry about your baby biting, because breast pumps don’t have teeth.
  • You are more in control of deciding when to wean, as breast pumps tend not to be as attached to the breastfeeding relationship.

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