Breast Milk for Your Hospitalized Infant – Electric Breast Pump

Breast Milk for Your Hospitalized Infant – Electric Breast Pump


Mothers who want to express milk for lots of weeks or months whilst their infants are inside the hospital will want to apply a “hospital grade” electric breast pump. These pumps have a “closed device.” If needed, multiple people can use them. They have a filter device that stops your milk from stepping into the machine. This prevents your breast milk from blending with every other mom’s milk if she makes use of the pump after you. Spectra has a hospital-grade breast pump with multiple features for mom’s convenience. You can find Spectra hospital-grade breast pumps in Agha Khan Hospital too.

When to Use the Breast Pump 

Begin pumping as quickly as possible with an electric breast pump. You have to pump 8 times every 24 hours without more than 5 to 6 breaks at night time for sleep. If you awaken within the nighttime, you have to pump.

Pumping with an Electric Breast Pump

A nurse or a member of the lactation team of a hospital will teach you how to use the breast pump. The outside pump needs to be wiped down with aseptic wipes earlier than and after every use. Once the outside of the pump has been cleaned:

  • Wash your hands nicely with cleaning soap and water for 15 seconds. 
  • Put the parts together.
  • Place the breast shield of the breast pump over each nipple.
  • Turn the pump on. Turn it as much as the best stage of comfort.
  • Pump each of your breasts at an equal time for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Pumping should not hurt. If you’ve got aches whilst pumping, contact the lactation team of the hospital.

Safe Storage and Use of Expressed Milk

  • Pour the milk into breast milk storage bags or sterile containers given to you at the hospital.  Use the simplest container or disposable breast milk storage bags every time you express milk. 
  • Do not add newly expressed milk to a container or storage bag that already has saved milk.
  • While your child is withinside the hospital, all bottles/storage bags ought to be categorized with:
  • Baby’s complete name
  • Date and time of milk collection
  • Baby’s medical record number
  • Medicines are taken through mom in the past 24 hours
  • Store your breast milk based on the plan developed through you or your doctor and your health provider.  It may be both refrigerated or frozen.
  • To bring milk to the hospital, pack it with disposable breast milk storage bags in a cooler. Bring simplest frozen or refrigerated milk. 
  • Do not thaw the milk earlier than coming.  When you arrive at the hospital, provide your breast milk to a staff member to keep within the fridge or freezer.

Spectra In The Time Of Need

We all know how tough it is to see your little baby in the hospital for any medical reason and be away from him/her for days or weeks. At that time feeding your baby becomes the most difficult task. But with Spectra hospital-grade electric breast pump, it will be really easy for you to feed your baby your breast milk. It will satisfy you that your baby is taking complete nutrition through you instead of having formula milk. Spectra baby Pakistan always tries to be there for every mom in need.