Why Backflow Protector is the Highlight of Spectra Pump

Why Backflow Protector is the Highlight of Spectra Pump

If you have ever used the outdated pumps, then you might have noticed that the tubing of your pump gets condensed with milk due to backflow. That condensation causes different bacteria to flourish – which would lead to damaging your breast milk every time you pump.

To avoid this, Spectra Baby Pumps come equipped with Backflow Protector, to ensure the protection f your breast milk ad keeping it healthy for your infant.


What is a Backflow Protector?

As the name itself suggest, a backflow protector prevents the backflow of milk to enter the breast pump motor or tubing, restraining bacteria, mold, and viruses from reaching breast milk. Spectra Baby pumps are closed system pumps. Our backflow protector works as a barrier between the milk and pump. This means that there is no way for milk to get into the pump motor or tubing to ensure 100% safety for you and your baby.


What to do when there is milk in Backflow Protector?

The milk or condensation in your backflow protectors after pumping ensures that it is working exactly as it should by preventing milk and moisture from entering the tubing. If you’re consistently finding milk in your backflow protectors just pop it apart and wash it like you normally would with your other pumping kit accessories. Remember to make sure your backflow protector has enough time to completely air dry prior to assembling it again.

When is the time to replace the Backflow Protector?

You do not need to replace your backflow protector every time milk gets in it. That being said, the silicone membrane in the backflow protector does wear down over time and use elasticity. You’ll need to replace your backflow protectors regularly to maintain good suction and performance of your pump.

The Spectra Backflow Protector is designed for Spectra S1, S2, and 9 Plus Breast Pump models.