Every Amazing Reason to Choose Spectra Breast Pumps

Every Amazing Reason to Choose Spectra Breast Pumps

With so many options and brands trying to decide between different breast pumps can be hard. Really hard! After all, moms have enough to think about before a baby comes. Rest assured, you’re not alone. But no confusion anymore. Today, we bring you all the right reasons for choosing Spectra Baby breasts pumps.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

Spectra pumps are the only selling HOSPITAL-GRADE  breast pumps in Pakistan.  A hospital-grade pump means it’s capable of supporting supply, can safely be used by multiple users and has a long motor life. It’s designed as a workhorse and can sit in a hospital ward and be used many times a day. You can use this pump to exclusively express

Single or Double Pump Flexibility

We give moms the opportunity to single or double pump depending on their unique needs. For moms that breastfeed their little one at home but want to make sure they keep their milk supply up in both breasts, Spectra breast pumps can be used as a single breast pump when moms want to breastfeed their baby and pump simultaneously. For moms who are returning to work or are away from their baby when they need to pump, Spectra breast pumps can also be used as double electric breast pumps with no loss of suction for moms who need to pump more efficiently.

Closed System Pump

Unlike other breast pump brands that are open system pumps, spectra is a closed system pump. Therefore a single pump can be used by multiple mothers safely. spectra breast pumps prioritize the safety of your breast milk, which is why each breast pump comes with backflow protectors to prevent bacteria, mold, and viruses from making their way into your breast milk. These filters keep tubing dry and prevent airflow between your expressed milk and tubing while you are pumping to protect the pump from potential damage. Spectra’s backflow protection ensures high-performance capabilities with no contaminants in mom’s breast milk.

Ultra Quiet Motors

No mom wants to use a breast pump that is loud enough to wake up the baby or their spouses, especially during those late-night pumping sessions. Spectra offers a selection of pumps designed with an ultra-quiet motor. Specifically, the S1, S2, and 9Plus models offer some of the highest suction available on the market with little to no noise.

Strong Yet Gentle Suction

Spectra pumps are strong enough to keep your supply where it needs to be but gentle enough that you won’t feel discomfort while pumping. They have the strongest yet the most gentle suction that mimics the natural suckling of a baby. The gentle massaging mode stimulates letdown (the start of milk flow) and then swaps to a stronger and slower expression mode, which most effectively draws out the milk. Users can adjust the strength of the suction in both modes.

Excellent Options for Portability

Spectra breast pumps weigh four pounds or less, so new moms have the freedom to pump where they want. The Spectra S1 and the Spectra 9Plus are also battery-powered double electric breast pumps, so moms can travel with their breast pump and express milk worry-free as they go.

Visit our store now to buy a hospital-grade, electric breast pump. To compare our pumps and choose the one that suits you the best, click here.