Can You Relactate with Spectra Breast Pumps?

Can You Relactate with Spectra Breast Pumps?

Do you have none to low milk supply? Or you might have started nursing but encountered problems that made you stop –  like your baby refusing to latch. Maybe the postpartum pain prevented you from doing so.  

But if you are looking to nurse your infant and wanna have another try, then go ahead. It might surprise you that it is possible through relactation. You can go from low to none supply to full milk supply in a few weeks of hard work. 


What is Relactation?

Relactation is breastfeeding after a gap. It is trying to express milk after taking a break of a few weeks to several months through exclusively pumping. It is about bringing back the milk supply and getting your baby to latch and breastfeed again. 

Pumping is The Way

Starting to milk again is possible, especially by using a hospital-grade. There are multiple cases where mothers have been able to relactate using electric breast pumps. Although a regular electric pump is effective too. But a hospital-grade pump such as S1S2, and Gold Dual S by Spectra increases your chance to relactate. Using an electric pump increases your supply with time too. 

Create a Schedule

But just pumping randomly won’t be effective. Relactation requires your commitment and a lot of effort. Pump at least eight to twelve times per day for 20-30 minutes so that you’re pumping every two to three hours during the day and once or twice at night. The more often you can express, the quicker your milk supply will respond.

Connect with  A Lactation Consultant

This is the first thing you should do before you start lactating again. A professional lactation consultant will assess both your and the baby’s current situation before you get started. They will help prepare you for the journey ahead with your breast pumps.