Travelling with Spectra Baby Breast Pump Pakistan: Pump on the Go

Travelling with Spectra Baby Breast Pump Pakistan: Pump on the Go

We realize how difficult travel may be for new mothers. Not only you might be separated from your child, but you will also have to figure out how, when, and where to pump with your Spectra breast pump in a new location. Fortunately, we’ve thought it through for you! While you’re away from home, check out our guide for storing, pumping, and transporting your liquid gold.


Build Up a Supply

Before you leave town, make sure you have enough milk to last for as many days as possible. Pumping a few ounces at a time after each breastfeeding session is an excellent method to save them. As your baby’s feeding pattern evolves, you may be able to squeeze in an extra pumping session or two each day.

Selecting the Proper Breast Pump

The Spectra 9 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump is the way to go while you’re traveling. Not only does it offer complete portability and flexibility, but you can also double pump using this electric breast pump. The 0.5-pound pump is lightweight and just fits into your handbag. Spectra 9 Plus pump brings you immense confidence and true comfort throughout your breastfeeding journey.

It will become your new best buddy when you need to squeeze in a small, electric pump on the flight, like airplane restrooms or your plane seat.

Locate a Pumping Station or pump discreetly in public with Spectra Handsfree Shield cups

Pumping outside of your house, even for the most self-assured woman, may be daunting. When you add travel to the equation, finding a place with privacy becomes much more difficult. But now most of the airports have proper rooms assigned for nursing mommies and breast pumping. Locate a map to find one or ask one of the airport staff.

Or buy Spectra’s handsfree shield cups. The two cups in this set fit in your bra and allow you to pump discreetly, easily, and quietly, making them ideal for use at work or in public places where personal space is limited. The collecting cups allow you to pump whenever and wherever you choose, freeing up both hands to multitask while pumping. It gives you a more peaceful pumping experience.

Storing the Milk

When you’re pumping during your trip, it’s important to make sure you have a plan in place to store the pumped milk. With Spectra’s BPA-free milk storage bags or wide neck storage bottles, you can store your precious milk in the Cooler Kit.  They can keep the milk in good shape for up to 24 hours. A plus, the ice gel storage bags are reusable.