Amazing Tips for Pumping at Work with The World’s Best Breast Pump

Amazing Tips for Pumping at Work with The World’s Best Breast Pump

Are you getting back to work postpartum? And are you nursing your infant too? Then a major hurdle that you’ll encounter in starting working again is feeding your baby. Whether you work part-time at home or full-time at the workplace, you would need to pump with the world’s best breast pump at work to provide the baby with the nourishment he/she requires. 

Here are a few things that would ease up the journey of pumping milk at work and prepare you for everything that would come along the way.

Preparing to Pump at Work

Most of the moms won’t be comfortable pumping when colleagues are around. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is talk to the HR of your company to provide you with some privacy and multiple breaks to pump.  Along with this, also ensure the following things:

Purchase a Breast Pump

While a manual pump is cheap and can be used to pump milk, it’s not recommended for regular use. Therefore lactation consultants highly recommend you to use a good-quality double electric breast pump. While a breast pump can be heavy on the pocket, it will protect your milk supply, pump milk for your baby and save on a huge fortune on formula costs. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment. You can select any of Spectra’s hospital-grade rechargeable, portable pumps, which can be easily carried to work and pump on the go. 

We suggest either the Spectra Q Double Electric Breast Pump or the Spectra 9 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump.

Make a Schedule

Making a plan for pumping at work and nursing at home may be quite beneficial; once you’ve established a routine, juggling everything becomes much simpler. To minimize engorgement and leakage, schedule your pumping sessions when your baby would be eating if you were at home. (You might want to buy some breast pads to absorb any leaking in between pumping sessions.) Plan to breastfeed your baby before going to work in the morning; then pump every three to four hours during the day (depending on your baby’s frequency at home, of course). That implies you’ll be pumping at least three times at work if you’re gone from your kid for 10 hours during the day.

Pick the Right Outfit

If you’re nursing, you already know how important it is to choose an attire that allows you to easily access your breasts. Something with a high neckline and a back zipper isn’t feasible to wear regularly when nursing. The same applies for pumping at work: choose an attire that allows you easy access to your breasts and doesn’t require you to completely undress to pump. If your workplace has a formal dress code, this might be more difficult. Wearing a button-down shirt with a pumping bra or tank beneath is a good option. Alternatively, put on something loose that you can raise. Also, pack a spare set of clothing in case you spill something.

Purchase Essential Pumping Accessories

Just the pump won’t be enough to pump on the go while working. You will need as much ease as possible and a solution to store milk too. Here are some must-have pumping accessories that are essential for your nursing at work:

  • Cooler Kit – The cooler kit includes a tote bag with an insulated interior and a reusable gel freezer bag to store milk for24 hours!. It also has two wide neck milk storage bottles that are BPA-free; you can store milk in them for a full day without the milk getting spoiled.

  • Pumping Bras – A pumping bra will allow you to pump hands-free, ensuring you do other chores or just sit back and relax while pumping or nursing. When you want to nurse, you can simply unhook the nursing clip and nurse away. Click here to choose from our two best-selling pumping/nursing bras: The Cozy Hands-Free & The Snuggle Me Every Day

  • Wide Neck Storage Bottles – The BPA-free wide-neck bottles are compatible with all Spectra electric breast pumps, and they can be used to both store milk and feed the baby.  

  • Milk Storage Bags – Spectra’s BPA-free milk storage bags are ideal for storing your precious milk in the fridge or freezer, or for transporting the home from work. 

  • Hands-free Shield Cups –  The hands-free shield cups are compatible with all Spectra Breast Pumps and easily go inside your Bra so you can pump inside the bra while working at the office or doing any house chores.

Spectra appreciates all the working moms who are doing their best to balance between their work and life; trying to provide their babies with the best care possible. We sincerely hope; our tips for pumping at work with the world’s best breast pumps are of use to you and wish you all the luck. We love you, moms!