Does Pumping Hurt With Electric Breast Pump? Definitely Not!

Does Pumping Hurt With Electric Breast Pump? Definitely Not!

People, especially mothers, have this perception that pumping with an electric breast pump is intended to hurt. But in reality, it’s not. Pumping is supposed to be painless and smooth except for the first 15 seconds of suction and the tingling effect at the time of letdown.

But if you are hurting even after 2 minutes of pumping and you are suffering from sore nipples then something isn’t right. You might be using the wrong flange size or the settings of your pump aren’t set right. Here are a few things which you can do to prevent the pain and do to heal your sore nipples:

Cleanliness is a must!

Before starting to pump, make sure your hands and the electric breast pump are clean. Wash your hands along with your pump accessories like bottles, tubes, flange, etc. Do wash your breasts too with just water to prevent them from drying.  And then proceed. Check out Spcetra’s cleaning and disinfection supplies for help.

Is your flange size correct?

The usage of the wrong flange size can be hurtful and become the cause of sore nipples. Always measure your flange size before buying a pump to make sure you are using the right size. Also, note that the size of both pumps can be different. So you might need to get separate flanges. 

Place the flange properly

Sometimes it might be painful to pump even after the flange size is right. This means that you are not placing the pump correctly over your breast. Your nipple should be perfectly centered in the middle of the flange to avoid bruising to the nipple and areola.

Set the suitable suction setting 

If you pump on high suction and at super speed, it doesn’t mean you’ll get more breast milk or finish pumping more quickly. Therefore, set your electric breast pump at the highest suction that feels comfortable during and after pumping. Find a comfortable setting and mimic how your baby nurses, which will get your milk flowing. 

Still not fixed? Find help!

If you are still facing pain while using an electric breast pump even after checking all of the above precautions, then you should see a lactation consultant. Because the reason behind sore nipples and tender breasts could be bacterial infection or maternal breast or nipple issues.