Spectra Product Of The Year 2021 By Baby Maternity Magazine

Spectra Product Of The Year 2021 By Baby Maternity Magazine

Spectra participated in BabyMaternity Magazine’s Award Program in 2021, where our 2 products got product of the year awards. Spectra Gold Dual S Electric Breast Pump and Handsfree Shield Cups have been chosen by the guest reviewers as the best baby products.

BabyMaternity Magazine’s Award

BabyMaternity Magazine’s Awards program is special as many brands participated in this program by submitting their choice of the product; whether it’s one product or more than one. Where more than 50 guest reviewers who are expectant moms, new moms, and baby caregivers give reviews about the products. All products are divided into categories and displayed at different stations. Each reviewer sits and checks every product and gives reviews about them. Best-reviewed product gets the award of a year by BabyMaternity Magazine.

Chosen Spectra Products By BabyMaternity Magazine

Gold Dual S

Gold Dual S Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump offers the most advanced and up-to-date technology in the breast pump industry. This breast pump allows moms to adjust each side independently. Best for those moms who have slacker boobs, or one side produces more than the other. As it helps these moms to produce more milk equally from each side.

In addition, they look stylish with a touch screen LCD and contrast exterior of white and gold. Comes in soothing illumination night light of 3 levels with ultra-quiet discreet pumping. So a mom can pump at night too without disturbing her sleeping baby.

Award-Winning Electric Breast Pump

Handsfree Shield Cups

Handsfree Shield Cups allow you to pump while doing other work too. Moms always wish to do other work too while pumping breast milk. Driving a car, working at an office desk, doing house chores, having a meal, or resting while reading a book is all possible with Spectra’s Handsfree Shield Cups.

It comes in a set of two cups which you can easily attach with your Spectra Breast Pump. These cups are compatible with Spectra S1 Electric Breast PumpSpectra S2 Electric Breast PumpSpectra 9 Plus Portable Electric Breast Pump, Spectra M1 Electric Breast Pump, and Spectra Q Electric Portable Breast Pump. It can easily be placed inside your nursing bra with a shirt on. So, you can pump freely!

Award-winning hands-free shield cups

Spectra Baby Pakistan

Spectra Baby always thinks about moms’ comfort and needs, that is why our products always give you the best results with comfort. This is the reason that Spectra Dual S and Handsfree shield cups got an award from BabyMaternity Magazine.